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Frontiers of Engineering 2013

2013 EU-US
Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

November 20-23, 2013
Chantilly, France
National Academy of Engineering
National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF)
Presentations can be uploaded on the NAE website

Since 1995, the US National Academy of Engineering has held an annual Frontiers of Engineering symposium that brings together outstanding engineers (ages 30-45) from US companies, universities, and government labs, for an intensive 2 1/2 day symposium to discuss leading edge research at the boundaries of traditional engineering disciplines. In recent years, the NAE has adopted this model for bilateral annual symposia with key international partners, including China, India and Japan. In 2009, the NAE approached Euro-CASE to partner it in organising the first set of EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposia. It was decided that participation would be by invitation only, and that the invitation would be extended by Euro-CASE member academies.


The first EU-US FOE Symposium was organized by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and took place on September 1-3, 2010 at Jesus College, Cambridge. 60 promising engineers from 10 EU countries and the US met to discuss opportunities for international and cross-disciplinary research collaboration, to examine the potential for transfer of new techniques and approaches across disparate engineering fields, and to help create a transatlantic network of world-class engineers. The four technology areas debated were: Materials Ecology, Augmented Reality, Signal Processing and Bio-Inspired Engineering.


The 2011 Symposium was held at the US National Academy of Science’s Beckmann Centre in Orange County, California, from the 3rd to the 5th of November. The four prospective themes discussed were: Networks in Biology and Personalized Medicine, Smart Grids, Sustainable Cities and Manufacturing… the Future.


After a year of break, the 2013 Euro-CASE-NAE meeting will be organized by the National Academy of Technologies of France. It will take place in Chantilly, near Paris, on November 20-23. It will be followed by a similar 2014 event in the United States.


The two general Co-Chairs for the 2013-2014 cycles have been chosen: professor Segio Verdu (Princeton University), on the American side, and Yves Caseau, Director General Technologies, Services and Innovation of Bouygues Telecom, member of NATF, on the European side. The four prospective topics retained for the 2013 Symposium are:
- Big Data
- Wireless Broadband Access
- Nano-sensors/MEMS
- The Future of Transportation: Intelligent Transport Systems,
Corresponding to each theme European session Chairs have been selected respectively from Switzerland, Spain, UK and Italy.

foe symposium 


poster session foe symposium 

It should be noted that during the Symposium in Chantilly, a bilateral meeting was held between the NAE (C. Dan Mote, President, Lance Davis, Executive Director, Venky Naranayamurti, Foreign Secretary and Janet Hunziker, Senior Program Manager) and the NATF (Gerard Roucairol, President, Bruno Revellin - Falcoz, Honorary President and Delegate for International Relations and Jacques Lukasik, Secretary General of Euro -CASE and a member of the NATF).

b. revellin-falcoz l. davis v. narayanamurti g. roucairol j. lukasik j. hunziker d. mote

Euro-CASE member Academies will now actively participate in the selection process of participants, according to the established criteria of age and engineering/scientific achievements in each domain.

Presentations can be uploaded on the NAE website