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Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)



Box 5073

S-102 42 Stockholm Sweden

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Founding date: 1919
Number of members: 885
Number foreign members: 268
Management and Staff: 40
Annual Budget: 7.600.000 €
Financing and sources: Government Support • 12%
Industry • 18%
Private funding • 27%
Other • 43%






Highlights 2015

    • Overall summary: IVA welcomed 32 new Fellows and 6 new International fellows, and the total number of elected fellows now approaches 1300. The annual turnover amounted to 93 MSEK (€ 10.1M ), the bulk of which is external funding for IVA projects. The direct contribution from the Swedish government amounted to 8.3 MSEK and the contribution from members of the IVA Business Executives Council was 13 MSEK. 
    • Projects: IVA is currently running nine major projects. Six of these are policy-advice projects bringing together experts and stakeholders on various topics such as resource efficiency, energy and research policy. The other projects aim to develop tools for digital learning (NTA Digital); to attract students to higher education in engineering and science (Technology leap), and to promote entrepreneurship (Prince Daniel’s Fellowship). Four projects will close in 2016; Electricity Crossroads – aims to provide a framework for an informed energy policy for Sweden until 2050; Attractiveness for Sustainable Growth – aims to formulate actions plans to attract investments, talent and companies to Sweden; Resource Efficient Business Models – showcasing good examples to provides role models for industry; and NTA Digital. 
    • Seminars and outreach: More than 130 seminars and other outreach activities open to the public were arranged. More than half the seminars were hosted by the different divisions of the Academy or regional sections. The remainder were hosted by IVA projects or the IVA Business Executives Council. All events organized at the IVA premises in Stockholm (about 80 % of the total) were live streamed and are available on the internet. 
    • International activities: IVA were represented at the CAETS and Euro-CASE annual meetings and at the AAAS annual meeting. Several international delegations were received at the Academy, the highlight being a lecture by the French Prime minister Manuel Valls on September 18. Three delegation trips were made abroad – the Electricity Crossroads project visited UK; the Attractiveness for Sustainable Growth project visited Germany (Bavaria); the IVA Industrial Research Committee (a leadership development program) visited Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg).
Annual Report 2014-2015