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Academia de Engenharia (AE)

Academia de Engenharia (AE)



Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, nr. 3-D

1069-030 Lisboa Portugal

T. +351 21 313 26 09 | F. +351 21 313 26 15

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Founding date: 1995
Number of members: 124
Number foreign members: 5
Management and Staff: Teresa Fonseca
Financing and sources: The Portuguese Academy of Engineering is a private not-for-profit association.



The objectives pursued by the 'Avademia' are the following:

  • To assess the needs of the Country, and the technical resources that can be used or applied to stimulate research in engineering that may be advisable to the national welfare, as well as to monitor and give its advice on the part played by engineering in modern society.
  • To promote co-operation within the field of engineering in Portugal, in the European Union and in other countries so as to ensure concentration of efforts in the resolution of social problems and in the development of research for such purpose.
  • To give assistance to governmental bodies, whenever asked for by any of its agencies or departments, as regards issues of national importance for engineering.
  • To cooperate with the ORDEM DOS ENGENHEIROS, with the ACADEMIA DE CIÊNCIAS DE LISBOA and with other similar foreign academies of sciences or engineering, as well as with national research and development centers.
  • To serve the Country in other aspects related to important issues within the scope of engineering and technology.


Committees / Main working groups

Working Group on forecasting earthquakes.

Highlights 2013

  • Portuguese Academy of Engineering hosted in December the Euro-CASE Annual Conference: “Boosting Innovation in Europe: EU-USA - Why the innovation gap?”.
  • PAE has been an active member of the Innovation Platform of Euro-CASE.


Annual Report 2014-2015