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Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI)

Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI)



PO Box 19 121

1000 GC Amsterdam The Netherlands

T. +31 20 551 08 02 | F. +31 20 620 49 41

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Founding date: 1986
Number of members: 86
Management and Staff: 1.4
Annual Budget: 240.000 € (in 2013)
Financing and sources: Industry • 22%
RTOs and Universities • 21 %
Academy of Sciences support • 12 %
Project sponsoring • 23%
Government support • 10%
Membership fees • 11 %


Bertrand M. VAN EE



  • The Academy wants to give insight into the interaction between science, technology and the community. Based on a long-term vision, the Academy’s mission is to influence the way society thinks and acts with regard to science and technology as important components in the community; with a special focus on the issues society is facing today such as population growth, energy, climate change, health and natural resources.
  • Meeting place and network for high level decision makers and experts in technology development, research, higher education and innovation in The Netherlands.
  • Furthering contacts between members and representatives of government institutions, NGO’s, political bodies, etc on nationally and internationally.
  • Advancing a favourable climate for innovation in the Netherlands as part of Europe and promoting innovative entrepreneurship by means of the innovation conferences.

Committees / Main working groups

Conference Committee
China Working Group

Highlights 2014

  • The Innovation Conference 2014 was held on 5 November in The Hague. The Innovation Lecture of the Ministry of Economic Affairs was part of the Innovation Conference. The conference took place in the Ridderzaal (Knight's Hall) in the House of Parliament Complex in The Hague. The theme of the conference was: Smart Cities of the Future. The National Icon Awards were presented by the Minister of Economic Affairs, in the presence of King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands. The Innovation Conferences are intended to reach agreements between important players from the business community, knowledge institutions and government resulting in strengthening the innovation power in the Netherlands. Each year AcTI checks the progress of agreements made earlier and adds new themes as necessary.
  • In order to promote cooperation in engineering and technological sciences between The Netherlands and China, the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation and the Chinese Academy of Engineering signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The ceremony was held in Beijing, 2 June 2014. Both academies will facilitate cooperation between specialists in engineering and technical sciences in academia and industry through study visits, joint seminars and workshops and exchange of information.
Annual Report 2014-2015