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Italian Council of Applied Science and Engineering - Cisai (FAST)

Italian Council of Applied Science and Engineering - Cisai (FAST)



Piazzale R. Morandi 2

20121 Milano Italy

T. +390 2 77 79 03 04 | F. +390 2 78 24 85

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Founding date: 1993 - Cisai | 16 June 1897 - Fast
Number of members: 35
Annual Budget: 1.550.000 € (2012)
Financing and sources: Industry: 10%
Private funding: 60%
Public funding: 30%





FAST is an independent no-profit making association recognized by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research. Founded in 1897 and based in Milan, it groups 35 of the major Italian scientific associations for a total of 50.000 members, chiefly active in industry, research, development and technology.
Federation’s principal objective is to promote scientific culture among professionals and the general public, as well as to encourage the young people to deepen their interests in the scientific field and to lead them to take up a carrier as a researcher.
Moreover, FAST facilitates the organization of cultural events and projects devoted to scientific subjects (conferences, debates, scientific meetings, etc.) and the dissemination of information (publications, reviews, reports on research, etc.) in areas related to many scientific fields, including environmental, energy, biotechnology and life science.

Working groups

Research and Innovation
Chemistry and Materials
Yung scinrisrs

Highlights 2014

  • Environment: Many related events have taken place, the principal being the 29th edition of “Biological Sewage Treatment Plants”, which is a basic course on the management of processes. Other ones were “Purification of industrial wastes” and “Environmental evaluation activity”.
  • As in the previous years FAST has carried out much activity in the energy sector, mainly because of the work commitments with the European Commission. In 2014 two projects ended, others are still in progress. July was the end date for the project “Hy Lift Demo”, a large-scale demonstration project on forklifts with fuel cells; and in December finished  CODE2 (Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe 2). Fast is again working for the projects on hydrogen and fuel cells cofinanced by European Commission: Alkammonia, Don Quichote, HyResponse, H2Truast, HyLiftEurope, Power Up.
  • The activities organised by FAST also target young people. In particular Fast organized the science contest “I giovani e le scienze”, as Italian selection for 26th European Union Contest for Young Scientists and for more important international meeting for youth.
  • Also in 2014 FAST has continued a dynamic collaboration with EEN (Enterprise Europe Network, the most important European Network co-financed by DG Enterprise, to support SMEs): worships, seminars, brokerage events, IPR assistance …
Annual Report 2014-2015