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Technology Academy Finland (TAF)

Technology Academy Finland (TAF)



Pohjoisesplanadi 33A

00100 Helsinki Finland

T. +358 5 0305 4250

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Founding date: November 20, 2002
Number of members: 600
Annual Budget: 1.8M€
Financing and sources: Government support
Industry & Private funding


Dr Juha Ylä-Jääski

President and CEO


Technology Academy Finland is an independent foundation promoting scientific research and innovation to develop new technology which is based on humane values and has a positive impact on quality of life, and also forms of cooperation that support such achievements.
Technology Academy Finland (TAF) incorporates the Finnish Academy of Technology, TTA (founded in 1957) and the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland, STV (founded in 1921) whose members are thought leaders in the fields of science and technology.
We support the adaptation and utilisation of scientific research that includes new technology and we attempt to influence societal change and discussion in areas that fall within the scope of the foundation’s objectives.
Every second year, Technology Academy Finland awards the Millennium Technology Prize, international recognition of technological innovation that improves the quality of human life and promotes sustainable development.
One of Technology Academy Finland’s strengths is the tripartite cooperation between industry, governmental organisations and the scientific community and our extensive network in all three sectors.

Working groups

Academy Council
Industry Council

Highlights 2016

  • The 2016 Millennium Technology Prize, worth one million euros, was awarded to Professor Frances Arnold in recognition of ‘directed evolution’. This technology uses the power of biology and evolution to solve many important problems, often replacing less efficient and sometimes harmful technologies and making sustainable development and clean technology possible in many areas of industry.
  • TAF’s Technology Leap (Teknoloikka in Finnish) activates young people to choose a technology career. The practical implementation includes an internship for young people (19-22 years of age) in companies as well as communication on their experiences to the general public. The idea of the initiative is based on a proven concept which has been developed by IVA in Sweden.
  • MillenniumX is the brand name for a series of events to schoolchildren encouraging them to creative thinking, understanding the significance of technology in society and building technological innovations. The topics of the events included competitions, exhibitions and workshops e.g. on games, games development, programming, and robotics.


Annual Report 2014-2015