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Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)

Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ)



28 Kacic Street - PO Box 59

HR-10 001 Zagreb Croatia

T. +385 1 49 22 559 | F. +385 1 49 22 569

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Founding date: 19 January 1993
Number of members: 321
Number foreign members: 7
Management and Staff: 1 (full-time)
Annual Budget: 151.664 €
Financing and sources: Government Support • 33.867 €
Industry • 29.905 €
Private funding • 5.334 €
Other • 82.558 € (Academic community support, activities)





Our objective is promoting technical sciences, gathering and encouraging co-operation of the scientists of different technical, biotechnical and other professions in order to support efficient scientific and economic development of Croatia without gaining any profit. (Article 1 of the HATZ Statute).

Our missions are

  • To be a leading, creative and innovative multidisciplinary community of scientists in the field of engineering;
  • To be efficient experts and contribute to the development of technical sciences and the transfer of technological knowledge important for the progress of the Croatian economy and the benefit of all people;
  • To advocate safe and appropriate use of technology, to advocate environmental protection and the protection of people against its inappropriate use
  • To promote professionalism and responsible behaviour with regard to highest ethical norms.

Activities of the HATZ

  • Research and development within the field of technological sciences,
  • Technological analysis and research,
  • Encouraging and organizing scientific work,
  • Drawing up scientific papers, expertises, feasibility studies and participating in projects,
  • Discussing and expressing attitudes on current issues in science and economy,
  • Organizing scientific conferences,
  • Publishing activity,
  • Cooperation with academies in Croatia and abroad,
  • Transfer of knowledge.

Committees / Main working groups


  • 1. Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • 2. Department of Bioprocess Engineering
  • 3. Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
  • 4. Department of Power Systems
  • 5. Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
  • 6. Department of Graphical Engineering
  • 7. Department of Information Systems
  • 8. Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 9. Department of Communication Systems
  • 10. Department of Transport
  • 11. Department of Mining and Metallurgy
  • 12. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture 13. Department of Systems and Cybernetics
  • 14. Department of Textile Technology

Standing committees

  • 1. Committee for Economic and Regional Cooperation
  • 2. Committee for International Cooperation
  • 3. Committee for the Awards
  • 4. Committee for Ethics
  • 5. Committee of the HATZ Foundation


  • 1. Biotechnical Center
  • 2. Center for Lifelong Education
  • 3. Center for Geoinformation and Cartography
  • 4. Center for Graphical Engineering
  • 5. Center for Development Studies and Projects
  • 6. Center for Environmental Protection and Development of Sustainable Technologies
  • 7. Center for Traffic Engineering

Highlights 2015

  • Organization of Forums:  ICT in Industry and Education“, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Osijek, Osijek, March 27, 2015; „Electrical Brain Signals“, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, April 2015; Round table „New technologies for development of food production“, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb, July 1, 2015; Sponsorship of Forum „Intelligent Transport Systems“, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences,  University of Zagreb, Zagreb, December 17, 2015. Croatian Academy of Engineering was sponsor and organizer of more than 20 scientific and expert events in the Republic of Croatia in 2015.
  • Publishing of „Engineering Power“, quarterly publication of Academy.
  • Cooperation with Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography on publishing “Croatian Technical Encyclopedia”.
  • Publishing of Annual “Twenty years of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ) 1993-2013”
  • Participation of Prof. Vladimir Andročec, Ph. D., President of the Academy and Prof. Zdravko Terze, Ph. D., Vice-President of the Academy on Euro-CASE Executive Committee Board meeting, Hague, November 3, 2015
Annual Report 2014-2015