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The Future of Oil and Gas in Ireland

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IAE_Economic-Report_2013The Irish Academy of Engineering is an all-Ireland body, concerned with long-term issues where the engineering profession can make a unique contribution to economic, social and technological development.
Its members are Irish engineers of distinction, draw from a wide range of disciplines and membership currently stands at approximately 140.
Drawing on the experience and knowledge of its distinguished members, the Academy works to facilitate communication and dialogue on engineering-related matters. It published reports and analyses, some jointly with other learned and professional bodies.

The Irish Academy of Engineering,
22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Tel.: 00353 1 665 1337

The Irish Academy of Engineering also wishes to acknowledge the valuable participation and contribution of the following in meetings of the Energy Standing Committee and its Sub‐Groups:

Energy Standing Committee Members

Don Moore - Chairman
David Timoney
Frank Turvey
Ed Walsh
Terry Nolan
Kieran O’Brien
Philip O’Kane
Brian Sweeney
David Timoney
Frank Turvey
Ed Walsh

The Future of Oil & Gas - Sub-Group Members

Tim Brick (Facilitator)
Dave Austin
Gerry Duggan
Don Moore
Henry Smyth
Tim Brick (Facilitator)

The members of the Standing Committee and Sub‐Group participated in extensive discussions in the course of the series of meetings and submitted comments on a series of drafts of the report.
Its content conveys the general tone and direction of the discussion, buts its recommendations do not necessarily reflect a common position reached by all members of the Standing Committee and Sub‐Group, nor do they necessarily represent the views of the organisations to which the members belong.