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Euro-CASE Vision 2020


Euro-CASE is the European Consortium of National Academies promoting Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology.
By 2020, Euro-CASE will be the voice of European excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology for the world.
It will facilitate networking and exchange of ideas among the national engineering academies and their members- 6000 of the most eminent engineers in Europe- and deliver evidence-based policy advice on key European issues to a range of EU stakeholders, including the European Commission and Parliament.
Euro-CASE will derive its credibility and its unique position in Europe from the range of expertise and quality of inputs provided by its member academies.


What shape will
Euro-CASE take in 2020?

  • Euro-CASE will continue to be a commercially and politically independent non-profit consortium representing its member academies in the European arena.
  • Euro-CASE will draw upon the resources of its member academies to produce policy advice for a range of EU stakeholders.
  • Euro-CASE will be a think tank of European stature in the field of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology.

Who will
Euro-CASE work with in 2020?

  • Euro-CASE will be a partner of European institutions (especially the European Commission and Parliament, EIT) and will seek to inform EU-positions on relevant issues in international fora.
  • Euro-CASE will be the natural partner of international organisations and academies who wish to engage with engineering excellence in Europe.
  • Euro-CASE will co-operate with other European stakeholders, if there is a need, or if this co-operation strengthens the activities of Euro-CASE.
  • Euro-CASE will seek project oriented funding for specific activities from the European Union, other European Institutions and possibly from industry.

What areas will
Euro-CASE focus on in 2020?

  • Euro-CASE will concentrate on the major challenges facing Europe.
  • Euro-CASE will engage in shaping policy at an early stage on the European level on aspects of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering Education.
  • Euro-CASE will promote attention to excellence in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology.
  • Euro-CASE will help improve public understanding of engineering and technology by providing clear, independent and balanced advice on technological issues and their impact on society and the environment.
  • Euro-CASE will stimulate and support all efforts to develop advanced technologies in order to strengthen Europe’s position as a leading research and innovation location in the world.
  • Euro-CASE will promote engineering as a career to young Europeans and continually emphasise the vital role of engineering in word’s future development and prosperity.